We are providing Amazon Fulfillment services (FBA), which includes all the activities of Amazon order fulfillment that are executed by third-party prep centers. The third-party logistics is responsible of the packaging, bundling, knitting, storing and shipping of the products to the customer.
Our 22,000 sq. ft warehouse is available for all 3pl fulfillment prep needs. We are a recognized Amazon FBA warehouse, following their guidelines. Our turnaround time for FBA prep is 48 business hours.


In FBM fulfillment, the method of selling where a merchant lists products on Amazon, but manages storage, shipping, and customer support in-house or through a third-party warehouse. Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN) is Amazon's terminology for FBM. If you opt for FBM, we will provide services to you as third-party distribution. We can do all the needful requirements for your inventory through the FBM process without any hassle. We provide same day shipping for FBM orders. Cut off time is 1pm CST for same day shipping.


Cross docking warehouse refers to carry out the logistics and transportation exports from the ecommerce shipping fulfillment and transferred that logistics to another shipment without or limiting the inferring of warehouse storage for third party logistics provider. Cross docking service helps to reduced freight forwarding, time and storage cost.
We have the sufficient cross dock trucking and equipment’s that helps in quick logistics solutions. Fork lifts and conveyor belt are the main sources to shift the products from one dock to another. Our expert team provides services of loading goods without any damage.


Returns management is also known as reverse logistics. In ecommerce returns management, the products are restores back after consuming it by the buyers to retailers or manufacturers. The products are assigned with the special QR code used to examine the product returns management by the company. The purpose of reverse management services is to minimize cost, sustaining environment, thus creating the value for customer.
Our warehouse logistics provide the customer returns management for the clients in available limit of time.


Private labeling is an important aspect of amazon ecommerce sales, when the manufacturer make the products in bulk and private label items to be purchased by retailers and sells under the brand name. Selling private labels on amazon can be done by third party logistics or manufacturer.
Our expert team provides storage and fulfillment services for private label products to sell on amazon or other related business products with efficacy.


Amazon provides you the unique code called Fulfillment Network stock keeping unit (FNSKU) or FNSKU barcode, present on each unit comprises of letters and numbers and it is used by the Amazon’s seller in order to keep the tracking of the product and the sellers account.
We provide Amazon FNSKU barcode for each FBA seller, the labels describes as the listing of the products and the seller account associated with them.


3pl centers are responsible for all the operational activities to be executed in their warehouses. Handling the fragile items requires extra attention, care and skillful approach. Any false administration leads to damage of the product, time and money.
When the seller sends their products in warehouse for packaging of the inventory, our expert team inspect them and verify the quality of the product. The items are wrapped in bubble packs and poly bags to avoid any harm of the units. We have sufficient skilled and trained staff that are professional in providing these services.