There are many variations of plans to choose from

All storage includes
Monthly Storage
Outgoing SPD Label Pasting
Individual boxes: $2 per volume per
Pallets/Container load: $1.20 per
volume per month. (Unloading charge
$2 per order + Shipping cost
First 3 days are free only if prep/labeling is done. If no service is needed then storage/handling fees will apply.
All rates are Final
FNSKU Labeling: $ 0.50 each (minimum 30 units to avoid $15 charge)
Same SKU Polybag packing/Bundling: $ 0.60 each (FNSKU not included)
Different SKU Polybag
packing/Bundling: $ 1.20 each (FNSKU not included)
Bubble packing/Bundling: $ 0.90 each (FNSKU not included)
Box packing/Bundling: $ 2.00 each and up (FNSKU not included)
FBM fees: $2 per order
LTL Pallet making: $30 each, SPD is free
***Minimum 30 units (FNSKU) are required per SKU to avoid extra labeling charges. $15 per SKU will apply for labeling of less than 30 units each ($15 includes labeling charge of less unit as well)
$1 per return as long as box is less than 2 cubic foot. If oversized box than we charge $2 per cubic foot for handling charges. We do not open boxes. We will provide RMA number per return and client can provide us return/shipping labels within 1 week.