When the client opt us for storage or prep services, we would take all the needful steps to grow their ecommerce business.
Client reach to us for their logistics and fulfillment needs, we provide them the quotation explaining all the service details. As they considered the rates, they have to complete the registration process.

  • Once registered, we provide them the structural format for delivery, providing the transit facility and description.
  • They ship their inventory to our warehouse; we sort and update clients per delivery.
  • The client provides the necessary information and instructions for their inventory e.g., Storage or prep.
  • We store or prep the inventory as per client requirements.
  • If prep is needed, we send them Box packaging information (number of units, dimension and weight per box) so they can obtain shipping labels from Amazon or any other ecommerce website.
  • They provide us labels, we pack them and dispatched the products for delivery.
  • Invoices are sent out on the 1st of every month for the services provided.